It’s time to take another look at Esther.  The Book of Esther is a wonderful compliment to the books of Ezra and Nehemiah.  Ezra and Nehemiah depict the return of godly Jews to the Promised Land, under divinely appointed leaders.  The Book of Esther depicts the lives of those Jews who stayed on in Persia during this same period of time.  The focus of this book is upon those Jews who knew that God had instructed them to return to the Promised Land, but did not.

Class 1 – Miss Persia – NotesSlides
Class 2 – Sitting in the Gate – NotesSlides
Class 3 – Esther’s Dilemma – NotesSlides
Class 4 – Sleepless in Susa – NotesSlides
Class 5 – The Feast of Purim – NotesSlides