The ‘sequel’ to the Study of Forgiveness.  Forgiveness must be immediate, but sometimes Reconciliation takes some time…  And some work!  From the Book, Peacemaker, by Ken Sande.



Class 1 – Conflict Provides Opportunities
Class 2 – Live at Peace
Class 3 – Trust in the Lord and Do Good
Class 4 – Is This Really Worth Fighting Over?
Class 5 – Conflict Starts in the Heart
Class 6 – Confession Brings Freedom
Class 7 – Just Between the Two of You
Class 8 – Speak the Truth in Love
Class 9 – Take One or Two Others Along
Class 10 – Forgive as God Forgave You
Class 11 – Look Also to the Interests of Others
Class 12 – Overcome Evil with Good
Chart – The Slippery Slope Chart